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The Steps in Making an Amish Quilt (part 2)

The Steps in Making an Amish Quilt (part 2)


Once the top piece is stitched together into its geometric design, the actual quilting stitch is designed. Amish quilts are really put together in two phases. The first is piecing the fabrics together and the second is stitching the quilting pattern on top of the fabric design. Amish quilts are stretched out onto large quilting frames that pull the top piece, center batting, and bottom sheet out taut in preparation for the quilting. The top piece of fabric is marked with a stencil that has been designed by the Amish quilter. These quilting designs can come in a variety of styles, from straight lines to flowers to more geometric patterning. The stencil is placed on the fabric and a pencil is used to mark out the quilt design that will be stitched onto the fabric. Again, attention to detail and extreme accuracy are required when marking the quilt design onto the fabric to ensure even spacing over the entire quilt.


The stitching of the quilting pattern is then worked by hand using a needle and thread. The skills of the Amish quilter will really show once the quilting has been completed. Small, even, uniform stitches are essential in making a quality Amish quilt. The most prized Amish quilts will have six to eight stitches per inch or even ten to twelve per inch. The level of skill the Amish quilter possesses will be determined in the quality of her quilting stitch work. This detail and accuracy is what makes an Amish quilt so prized and collectible. Once the Amish quilt has been fully quilted, there can be as many as 60,000 stitches throughout the quilting design.


Because each quilt is made by hand and can take from one month to an entire year to complete, Amish quilts can sell for $1000 or more, depending on the quality of workmanship. So, as you can see, a lot of hard work and loving care goes into every inch of the Amish quilt making process. Owning an Amish quilt is like owning a piece of fine art that will increase in value over time. No matter what style, size, or color of Amish quilt you buy, you will always be reminded of the hard work and determination it took a single Amish woman to make every time you admire it. From its original design, to its piecing together, to its quilted stitches, each Amish quilt is unique from start to finish.

The Steps in Making an Amish Quilt (part 1)

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